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Natural hair relaxer

Natural Hair Relaxer
No Toxic Chemicals

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We take pride in formulating with only the best ingredients from organic farms. Fulfill yourself in the serenity of toxic-free chemicals.

Dextoxyfying Shampoo! Each time you shampoo you get a tingling sensation that your follicles resonates with because it works!
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7Pe Works Great for Both Men & Women!

Our products work because our formula has the perfect concentration of ingredients, unlike other natural products that could be watered down or just not utilizing enough of the ingredients it claims to. The proper ratio is extremely important and we have spent years perfecting our formula. Proper hair care is vital for maintaining beautiful, healthy hair and it’s crucial to prevent hair damage.
Hair grows up to half an inch per month depending on one’s overall well-being. Our customers have stated that they have seen twice and three times the growth of their hair after one to two months of use! Our products are extremely different than the traditional chemical-based products on the market, and 7Pe is made from the best in natural oils, unlike synthetic oils used by other companies out there. These natural oils also carry  very powerful anti-inflammatory agents and improve blood circulation within the scalp.

7Pe Hair Growth Kit

Natural Hair Growth Products

Our organic hair regrowth products contain only the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your hair follicles need to grow. The organic ingredients include natural DHT blockers and they’re perfect for promoting new hair growth. The best part about switching to an organic treatment is that there are no side effects. Since there are no chemicals in our products you won’t have to worry about any harm to your health.