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Real Reviews by Real Customers

*”I had a heredity hair loss problem and have been looking for a product to stop the hair loss but I couldn’t until I found 7PE. I found this product through a friend, since I started using this product my hair has been growing back. My hair is now fuller, and I could not be happier. I recommend this product to anyone who had hair problems.”

– Jamal Devi

*“My hair is fine but was relaxed and colored and it started to break off at the root! This produce stopped my hair from falling out and strengthened it! I also successfully grew the relaxer out without excessive shedding and breakage!! My hair started to grow at an accelerated rate also! I have been using 7pe for about 10 years straight now and I can’t live without it! I use this on my children and clients also and they love it as well!!!”

– Sanamu Gibson

*”I had been experiencing thinning and fragile hair as a result of an illness and the medication that was required to resolve my condition. I came across this product on the internet earlier this year and decided to try it out. Six months later, my hair is showing signs of strong recovery, new hair growth and it looks healthy! This is the only hair product I will use from now on because the ingredients are natural and effective.”

– Karen S

*”Before using their product, my hair was thin on the top. After using it, my hair started growing back, and it was strong enough to be straightened and managed. Their conditioner and shampoo works really good, too. This was my first time using their product and it was a great experience.”

– Addie D

*”I have been selling Ancient Secret at my salon for about five years. The product is effective. I like the end results. If the person quits using Ancient Secret, their hair doesn’t revert back, which makes it a great product. Tseghe is great, very open, and very wonderful to deal with. I am one of 6 stylists I know that orders from her. I usually stock on the 60 dollar package. I have about 70 clientele that have used Ancient Secret at least once. They are all very satisfied with the results.”

– Dawn B

*”I have been using this Ancient Secret’s 7PE for five year. My whole family uses it. It is really good for our hair. The owner makes the product herself. It makes your hair longer, stronger and softer. It also gets rid of dandruff.”

-Tadelch Tishaye

*”I have been using Ancient Secret Inc. for about three years now. I used to perm my hair a lot and it changed the grade of my hair. This product has transformed my hair. My sister and friends use it as well and are just as happy. Tseghe is a very nice person who really cares about her customers . She is extremely knowledgeable about this product.”

– Wanda W

*”Ever since I began using Ancient Secret shampoo, I notice a difference with my hair. My hair is so smooth now, and before it was hard from all the chemical relaxing I was doing. I am so happy with the results. I don’t have to change shampoos anymore. Ancient Secret uses natural products, not chemicals. I have been using them for awhile now. I highly recommend them to others. I really like their products, and appreciate them so much. Also, they give really good customer service. The lady who helps me is very nice and understanding.”

-Rumana S

*“About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune arthritis disorder and because of the inflammation, I began to lose my hair. I had also used a chemical relaxer for 30+ years adding to the hair thinning and loss. I have used 7PE for almost 2 years, and now have new continuous growth, longer stronger hair. I can color my hair without worry, and will never return to chemicals again! As a cosmetologist, I recommend 7PE to my clients because I know first hand what an amazing product it is.”*Kayvonne

 Marilyn Dyson Circle

*“First off is the shampoo, which is simply amazing!! —it makes your hair super soft and manageable, even detangling it without you even trying. The invigorating brush help massages the scalp while the shampoo penetrates through your follicles as well as strengthening your hair. With each cool-breezy-tingle sensation throughout your head you can literally feel your hair and scalp getting extremely clean and stronger. In addition your natural texture stands-out more each time you use it!! Did i forget to mention a little goes a long way….

Secondly, the Hair Loss Treatment (Renew/Restore) is simply fabulous!! Now this is where the fun really kicks-in. With this particular product it seems as you can really feel the restoring and renewing taking root within your scalp. And your hair becomes super-manageable, {even more-so than with just the shampoo} it becomes silky, and your texture stands-out even-more. {Whether you have straight or curly hair}. Your fingers literally glide-right through your hair, an when you rinse it out, it still looks and feel the same. This product you can leave in for its required timing or over night. {For best results I recommend use a warm hair dryer or leave-in over night}.

Third, their Leave-In-Protection protects your hair from the sun and any heat such as curling and flat irons etc. Adds a shine and even-more softness.

Fourth, the super growth! This Testimonials is to tell you that I’m in-love with just the title itself, with its ingredients alone speaks high-tones. It helps produces long hair in women, children, and men, even men who are bald and or receding. {Even if you already have long-hair, it produces even-more}

Last, but most definitely not least is their Straight Perfection. It’s totally a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!!! I honestly love this-one and it’s by far the best in the world out there. {Without having to go through a straightening process to get the job done}. It literally brings-out the true beauty and texture of your hair in the most extravagant and gorgeous way, ever. It does not sweat-out at all. You can be in hottest and humid climate or cooking, being around hot-or-steamy foods and your hair does not budge. {Not one strand}. It can last up for weeks or until your next washing.

It did wonders on our hair, and I mean it was like something I’ve never seen before, and I’ve tried a lot of different straightening products and nothing comes to comparison. My girls just simply love it, they always ask “mommy do we have any more 7PE?” and I just smile with gratitude. I like the fact that they can switch-up any time they like, curly or straight, however they desire and not have to use something that will take away the natural beauty of their hair, it’s like having the best of both worlds in the most phenomenal way ever.

My girls want their hair long like rapunzel. With that being said, they are not far from it. With 7PE I know it will get there — the more often we use it the sooner it’ll be, at least down to their feet.

We even keep the bottles when they’re empty just as a reminder when we’re low or either out and need to purchase more.

My spouse was even amazed with the results and wanted to use the products for himself because of his receding hairline, also wanting to have hair again like in his younger days. I had to hide the products from him the first time because once he would have experience the results, let’s just say I would not have had the chance to give my descriptive testimonial because of him getting hysterical using all the products.

With all gratitude, I am truly grateful that my brother and I found 7PE. Out of all the researching over many years we’ve finally found the answers to our prayers. I highly recommend their products to the world for every boy and girl, woman and man of the human race. Nothing can compare and you don’t have to go to any salon. Whereas you can’t see what all they actually use and put within your hair. And if it is a good product they shortcut you and not use it to its fullest potential. This is a do-it-yourself system from home that really works. And you are there to witness the amazing results first hand and each and every time thereafter.”*Marilyn Dyson

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