African-American Hair Growth Products

Are you like many men and women who are dealing with hair problems? Do you want natural hair growth? Well there is a myth stating that African-Americans cannot grow long hair, this is far from the truth. Why does it seem like black hair cannot grow longer than a certain length? Well, most of us use things like hair relaxer; excessive use of heating tools and many chemical products that we know will not promote healthy hair and scalp. These days many of us know that doing these things to our hair will lead to hair loss and scalp damage but yet we continue to do them. In order to grow long hair naturally, you must stop using these damaging hair products. This is an epidemic that its effects are devastating; this is the reason so many women are suffering from the heartbreak of hair loss or thinning hair. In this short article, we will tell you about African-American hair growth products that works, and works without damaging your hair.


Why can’t I grow long hair?

Most of us will blame their thin hair or hair loss problem to genetics. Yes, genetics does contribute in your hair development but how your hair grows is up to you. If you don’t treat your hair right it will not have the hair growth that you want. The way you chose to style and treat your hair has a huge effect on your hair growth. African-Americans have treated their hair bad for as far as I can remember. But today there are so many natural and organic ways to treat and style your hair, and it won’t have damaging effects. So why are so many of us still going to chemical treatments that do so much harm? Honestly, I think that most of us are just used to it and wont change until it is too late. When black hair isn’t really dealt with appropriately it does damage even more quickly than any other kind of hair.


Why do we use relaxers?

In our culture, we can’t seem to grow our hair passed our shoulders. Most of the time this is due to how we take care of our hair. We look to chemical relaxers to straighten our hair to make it longer and easier to manage but what most of us didn’t know is that it causes hair breakage that will lead to hair loss. Not only that but it can cause damage to our scalp and harm to the hair follicles. Extensive use of chemical hair relaxers will ultimately lead to thin hair, damaged hair, and hair loss. The main reason most of us use chemical relaxers are because we don’t know what other products to use. Well let me tell you that there are African-American hair growth products to combat hair loss and to regrow your hair available today.


Why is growing black hair so hard?

  • Neglect
  • Use of chemical hair products
  • Rough handling and braiding
  • Overuse of heat styling tools
  • Bleaching hair
  • Lack of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp
  • Use of wrong products


Basics for hair growth: 

Black hair growth is easier than most people think. Here are the vital steps to having healthy hair growth:


  1. Eliminate all chemical hair products
  2. Keep your hair moisturized
  3. Minimize heating tools
  4. Avoid chemical treatments
  5. Provide hair with vitamins and nutrients to the hair follicles
  6. Use a natural and organic shampoo
  7. Use a natural and organic hair treatment


Finding the right hair product is not cheap or easy; many of us go through a long damaging process to find the right product for our hair. Using cheap products on your hair can do more damage than you can imagine. If you pay a dollar on a cheap product, the damage from it can cost way more than you want to pay in frustration. The choice you make on the right hair product could the difference between hair loss and hair growth. Not all hair products made are equal; don’t be fooled by brand names and the celebrities that endorse them. The best hair growth products are made in nature, the ingredients found in natural and organic products give your follicles with the proper nutrients, proteins and vitamins for healthy hair growth.


African American hair growth products

You have to accept all you had done and eliminate all the products and methods that didn’t work. No more cheap perms in shops, no more kitchen perms trying to save a dime, and no more cheap products just because they were on sale. You have to realize that taking care of your hair is an investment of money and time. Enough is enough so start taking care of your hair so you wont have to dread the day you have to wear a wig, extensions and covering up your hair. We believe that hair growth is about the right products and methods. Ancient Secrets has studied hair loss for over two decades and has put together ingredients found in nature from all parts of the world to give you the best African-American hair growth products. Ingredients in our products will give your hair all the right properties your hair and scalp needs and deserves to grow naturally and continue to grow as long as you stick with it.



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