Not all shampoos for hair loss are created equally.

Some just don’t work. Some may even make the problem worse.

The best organic shampoo is effective, gentle, and made with natural, organic ingredients – without anything harsh, irritating, or harmful to your health or the environment.

Each of these aspects plays an important role in the performance of organic shampoo for hair loss. Explore these aspects in-depth and learn how they can work for you to promote a healthy head of hair. Keep reading!

The Best Organic Shampoo is Gentle

When you’re dealing with hair loss, the last thing you want to do is make your scalp an unfriendly place for hair to grow.

Unfortunately, a lot of conventional shampoos use harsh, irritating ingredients, which can exacerbate hair and scalp problems.

These harsh ingredients are mainly there in order to give you that satisfying, oh-so-clean lather that foams and suds up as you work it into your hair. While it’s undeniable that this feels great, it is nevertheless not good for your hair health.

Petroleum-derived sulfates, silicones, and synthetic chemicals, the ones that produce that desirable sudsy foam, strip your hair of moisture, irritate the skin on your scalp, and may even interfere with your hair follicles’ health.

This is why the best shampoos and natural hair growth products should not contain these ingredients. Instead, they should include gentle ones with pronounceable names in their formulas – no chemicals in sight. They won’t lather as much as their conventional counterparts, but your hair will thank you for it in the long run.

These desirable types of ingredients that should be in your shampoo include natural hair growth oils and a plant extract (or two, or three) with properties that encourage hair growth and scalp health.

The Best Shampoo is Made with Good-for-You Ingredients

So now we know that good-for-you ingredients are gentle, natural, organic, and effective.

They treat your hair concerns and encourage good hair health. No more, no less.

What do these ingredients look like, specifically? What kinds of essential oils and plant extracts encourage hair growth?

Ingredients to Look for in Natural Hair Growth Products

Essential oils that are excellent for hair growth include clary sage oil, which stimulates the scalp and promotes growth; lavender oil, which calms irritated skin, reduces inflammation, and controls dandruff; chamomile oil, which calms and soothes skin and promotes shine; and rosemary oil, which stimulates hair follicles and increases scalp circulation, which also encourages hair growth.

As for plant extracts, they can provide a number of benefits for hair, including increased growth. Some great ones for shampoo formulas include bamboo extract, which contains a high amount of the mineral silica, which is a proven hair growth helper. It also boosts hair strength, shine, and nourishes the hair follicles.

Another extract good for hair growth is horsetail extract. This plant contains amino acids and is rich in minerals that aid thinning hair. It can also help remove oil that builds up on the scalp and contributes to blocked hair follicles.

The Right Organic Shampoo for Hair Loss Should Work!

If you’re putting it on your head to help with hair loss, then the shampoo you’re using should work as promised.

After all, you did your research and you spent your hard-earned money. You want results.

Natural, organic ingredients from plants have been proven to work. Studies have shown the benefits of these elements for your hair and scalp.

Trust Science That Has Been Proven

In a study conducted by Kingston University in London and Neal’s Yard Remedies, a British skincare brand, researchers looked at the effectiveness of certain plant extracts (rose, white tea, and witch hazel) for treating inflammation at the cellular level. Inflammation is a contributor to the development and progression of various diseases, not to mention bodily aging.

The study found that the three plant extracts had incredibly potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and protected the tested skin cells from cellular damage.

Trust Thousands of Years of Herbal Knowledge

Not only does science prove how well natural ingredients from plants work, thousands of years of history does, too.

Ancient cultures like the Native Americans, Egyptians, and Chinese used natural remedies to cure all sorts of ills. In fact, up to the advent of modern medicine, people relied on plants to treat their ailments, including hair and skin issues. While some of it amounted to nothing but superstition, many cures were quite effective, such as applying essential oils to the skin, hair, and scalp.

Trust Organic Shampoo for Hair Loss that Works

When you need an all-natural, organic shampoo formula that is gentle, effective, and works, you can rely on Ancient Hair Secrets. We have an entire range of products for hair loss, not to mention a winning shampoo formula. Try our products today and discover the difference! 7PE carries the best organic hair growth products available on the market today.



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