The Benefits of Natural Oils for Hair

The Benefits of Natural Oils for HairThe benefits of natural oils for hair and as part of the very best natural hair growth products in the world are often missed in our busy post modern world.Many people are looking to sterile labs, test tubes, white smocks and electron scanning microscopes for a “miracle-in-a-bottle,” while missing the very things they want [...]

Natural Hair Growth Products

Natural Hair Growth Products – why use them?Natural hair growth products use ingredients with a long, healthy history. Unlike so many hair products created and hyped throughout history, natural, organic hair growth products focus on more than simply the age old challenge of trying to grow hair on a bald head.How to cure baldness is an issue with a very [...]

Natural Shampoo

Natural Hair Shampoo – be nice to your hairNatural shampoo for your hair may seem like a pricey alternative to the stuff in the specials bin at the bargain store. After all, you just want to make your hair clean and healthy looking, right?Let me ask you a question: Would you go swimming in a vat of acid? Would you [...]

Natural Hair Treatment vs Chemical Hair Treatment

Natural vs Chemical Hair Treatment – the good, the bad and... well, you know...Is natural hair treatment actually good for your hair? What about chemical hair treatment. Is that bad?Let's take a look.First let's look at chemical hair treatment. What do the chemicals actually do?A common comment about chemical hair straighteners is that they smell like rotten eggs, cause burning [...]

Grow a Beard

Grow a Beard – yes, you can!Grow a beard – why not? For men in this busy 21st century, the idea of a having a big, bold, luxurious beard conjures up pictures of a robust explorer standing in the fresh air on a mountain ridge, gazing across an untamed wilderness. For the ladies, well... while ladies prefer not to have [...]

Natural Hair Relaxer

Straighten Hair Naturally Without Any Use Of ChemicalsStraighten hair naturally, without harmful chemicals or expensive salon treatment. Straight Perfection is the natural hair relaxer you, your hair and your scalp will love.Using chemical hair relaxers is one of the worst things you can do. You can cause long-term, possibly permanent damage to your hair and scalp. With a natural hair [...]