5 Natural Hair Loss Remedies That Actually Work

If you’re struggling with hair loss, you want a solution, and fast.It can be disconcerting, even alarming, to see all the hair in your brush or the amount of strands going down your shower drain. Worse is the stress of trying to conceal your thinning hairline or patches where growth has become sparse.There are lots of products on the market [...]

The Guide to Natural Oils for Hair

When it comes to skin and hair care, there are special ingredients that pack a significant punch.Essential oils definitely fit into this category; they might even top it. These are oils that have been extracted from plants through a process of distillation, usually using heat or steam.The resulting essential oil is the essence of the plant. It contains all of [...]

Our 4 Favorite African American Hair Growth Products for 2016

Black hair has a special set of needs.You need moisture, and lots of it. You need gentle products. You need organic, natural ingredients that nourish the hair from root to ends.Luckily there are great products out there that can provide your hair with everything it needs. Keep reading to learn about our 5 favorite African American hair growth products for [...]

What is the Best Organic Shampoo for Hair Loss?

Not all shampoos for hair loss are created equally.Some just don’t work. Some may even make the problem worse.The best organic shampoo is effective, gentle, and made with natural, organic ingredients – without anything harsh, irritating, or harmful to your health or the environment.Each of these aspects plays an important role in the performance of organic shampoo for hair loss. [...]

How to Pick the Perfect Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

Lately, it seems like every beauty company under the sun wants a piece of the “all-natural” trend.The problem is that not every product labeled “natural” is, in fact, natural.How do you choose the perfect organic shampoo and conditioner when labeling can be so misleading? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you choose the right formula for you?You need to learn [...]

4 Ancient Secrets to Natural Hair Growth Products

As far as quality, the drugstore can be a mixed bag.These days, most beauty products rely on ingredients that consist of chemicals or other synthetic elements. These can be harsh on your hair and scalp, not to mention hurt your health and the environment.For instance, did you know that common beauty ingredients, like parabens, have been linked to cancer? (Propylparaben, [...]