What’s the Right Organic Shampoo for Your Hair Type?

Walk down any beauty aisle in any drugstore. Most likely, you will be confronted with rows upon rows upon rows of choices for shampoo.How do you choose when there are so many choices?Plus, it seems like every brand is jumping on the “natural” bandwagon. How do you know which products are actually natural, organic shampoos, and how do you know [...]

How to Deal with Hair Loss

How to Deal with Hair Loss Hair loss used to be something we all just had to deal with, it used to be something that couldn’t be prevented or dealt with. Today we have a much higher understanding concerning hair and how it grows. Options for hair loss today are countless and the results vary between people to person. This short [...]

African-American Hair Growth Products

African-American Hair Growth Products Are you like many men and women who are dealing with hair problems? Do you want natural hair growth? Well there is a myth stating that African-Americans cannot grow long hair, this is far from the truth. Why does it seem like black hair cannot grow longer than a certain length? Well, most of us use [...]

PRP Hair Therapy – The New Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair Therapy A new hair loss treatment has becoming quite popular and has caught our attention. The treatment called PRP Hair Therapy or PRP Treatment, it uses your own Platelet-Rich Plasma to stimulate hair growth at the scalp. The PRP taken from your own blood and injected to the scalp. It is non surgical, totally natural, alternative medical procedure used as treatment of hair [...]

Kim Kardashian’s Hair Loss Problem

Kim Kardashian's Hair Loss Kim Kardashian's hair loss and how we can help her with it. Hair loss was a topic once reserved for only men, but these days it is obvious that it does not only affect men. Kim Kardashian’s hair has again showing hair loss due to her use of hair extensions during her pregnancy. The 35-year-old is [...]

Oils for Hair Growth

Oils for Hair Growth Healthy hair requires natural oils for healthy hair growth. Not only are natural oils good for hair growth but it is excellent for healing the hair and scalp . It is extremely essential that hair is given correct therapy with oils that has the correct properties for hair growth and hair health. Don't sell yourself short [...]