Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

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Causes of Male Pattern Baldness and How to Treat It

Male pattern baldness is a big problem, it impacts about ninety percent of men by the age fifty. Most people who tries to regrow their hair find many products that will treat the problem but wont put the time in to the treatment. If you are really trying to fix your hair problem, you will need to invest the time. In this article, we will talk about male pattern baldness and how to treat it properly.



Male pattern baldness slows down hair growth and causes brand-new hair to grow much shorter and weaker. The hormonal agent can also entirely stop hair growth, progressively diminishing your stock of hair. There are many ways to treat alopecia, but the most effective way is to use a natural hair growth product. Hair transplant is never the solution, it is extremely expensive and has many negative results. Natural hair loss treatments are out there, so there’s no reason to deal with thin hair and bald spots.


PATTERN HAIR LOSS ( Androgenetic Alopecia) CAUSES

– Hereditary hair loss is the most common

– Hair loss is a dynamic trait that doesn’t stop; in fact, it worsens with age

– Using hair products with toxic chemicals

– Using chemical relaxers can cause extreme hair damage and bald spots

– Loss of hair could be from extensive use of heat styling tools

– Tight hair braiding can cause breakage

– Chemotherapy

– Shampoos that are not natural contain damaging chemicals

– Wearing hats or helmets has no impact on hair loss

– Hairpieces as well as weaves that pull as well as stress your hair could cause traction alopecia

– Hair replacement is un-naturally and could be obvious



As previously mentioned, there are various hair loss treatments that can help stop hair loss and regrow hair. With natural hair growth products today, there is no need for a surgical solution. Solutions like this are not natural and could be painful and come with many side effects. Opting for the natural solution is great because it works with any type of hair and works with men and women.



To prevent male pattern baldness or any type of hair loss, it is best to go away from the causes. One great way to get started is to stop using that synthetic shampoo and conditioner. Many shampoos and conditioners were filled with artificial chemicals that leaves residue behind on the scalp. The residue can clog the pores and dry out the scalp causing damage to the hair follicles and hair shaft. Using natural hair growth products will help heal the scalp at the hair follicle and promote healthy growth. Restoring thin hair and baldness is not difficult, male pattern hair loss is best treated with natural and organic hair products.

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