Grow a Beard – yes, you can!

Grow a beard – why not? For men in this busy 21st century, the idea of a having a big, bold, luxurious beard conjures up pictures of a robust explorer standing in the fresh air on a mountain ridge, gazing across an untamed wilderness. For the ladies, well… while ladies prefer not to have any facial hair, the idea of their man having a full, beautiful beard is exciting!

Beard growth is something that men do well naturally, correct? That’s not entirely true. For some men, growing a beard is a real challenge. Genetics play a part in determining what kind of beard you can grow and that will look good on you, but there are other factors, as well.

21st century stress, medications, thyroid disorders and environmental toxins can all play a part.   Sometimes big chunks of hair will fall right out of your beard, leaving a bare spot that’s difficult to hide. Brittle hair that never achieves the length you want is another issue.

The common thing to do when these kinds of issues arise is to go to a drugstore and buy some chemical hair care products in an attempt to solve the problem. The sad thing is, many of the very chemicals that are sold as “hair care” products should be called “hair removal” products!

What is a real relief for men is the fact that there is a natural beard growth product on the market. It’s called 7PE. Rather than chemicals, 7PE, which stands for Seven Plant Extracts, is a 100% natural beard growth product.

The mixture of oil and herbs developed by Ancient Hair Secrets is used to create a line of one-of-a-kind 100% organic, 100% natural beard growth products, including all natural beard growth oil, shampoo and balm.

So… go ahead. Grow a beard. Because, yes, you can.




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