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Natural Hair Treatment vs Chemical Hair Treatment

Natural vs Chemical Hair Treatment – the good, the bad and… well, you know…

Is natural hair treatment actually good for your hair? What about chemical hair treatment. Is that bad?Let’s take a look.

First let’s look at chemical hair treatment. What do the chemicals actually do?

A common comment about chemical hair straighteners is that they smell like rotten eggs, cause burning eyes, and irritate the scalp, sometimes so severely that it bleeds.

This is because chemical straighteners use formaldehyde or sodium hydroxide – aka lye – or something very similar to weaken hair. Products which advertise themselves as containing no lye often use something almost identical in their chemical formula and affect.

Chemical treatment can be devastating to fine and more fragile hair, especially near the roots. Like a perm, the chemicals are used to change the actual chemical bonds that determine whether your hair is straight or curly. Chemical perms cause your hair to curl generally by adding hydrogen bonds to the disulfide bonds, which cause temporary curling, as long as the hair is dry. Chemical straightening works by breaking the disulfide bonds so that the hair relaxes.

All that’s really necessary to discover how bad chemical hair treatment can be is to search for hair damage suffered by Hollywood stars. It can be ugly.

Natural hair treatment not only gives the results you want, but it’s actually good for your hair and scalp! Natural hair straighteners contain only natural, 100% organic ingredients by definition. These are all plant oils and extracts that not only help manage unruly hair, but also help to strengthen and nourish the hair.

Natural hair treatments that use truly natural and organically grown ingredients such as cupuacu butter, nettle, colts foot, grape seed extract, grapefruit extract, grape seed oil, kokum butter, orange oil, pomegranate and pumpkin seed oil not only make hair stronger, softer, shinier and more manageable, but they also make both the hair and scalp healthier.

Simply put, natural hair treatment makes your hair look great and your scalp feel great. The best place to start for 100% organic natural hair treatment and knowledgeable advice is Ancient Hair Secrets. There is an natural alternative to chemical hair treatment.