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What Works Best for Hair Growth and What Doesn’t

We all dreamed of having long and healthy hair, and of course, it never grows fast enough for us! Yes, but we often take the problem upside down: for hair growth, it is necessarily them to be healthy and well protected. However, we don’t know what works best for hair growth and what doesn’t. Beware of the miracle products you see on TV, beware of professional products that are rich in silicone (oh yes you have never had such soft hair, must understand the damage after …)! In short in this article, we will talk about hair, how to maintain, what products are to avoid but also (it is the most interesting) those who have significant effects and in the long term significantly accelerate growth!

Below are TWO important names which you must be aware

(1) Keratin

The hair naturally grows about 1 cm per month, but what many forget is that the strands are composed of Keratin and so they are dead, only the bulb located at the root is alive. Some brands have sniffed the pot with the roses and decided to preach the side “I am rich in keratin.” So, to understand well you must know that keratin is a protein synthesized and used by many living beings as a structural element. It is the main constituent of the hairs, feathers, horns, nails, beaks of many animals. Keratin is insoluble, which means that its presence in our epidermis (yes, we mammal) guarantees us an impermeable skin. Sometimes, when too much friction, keratin develops on the surface of the skin, forming a callus (yes, the horn of the feet). The cells that produce keratin die and replaced, and we got dandruff.

Well I stop there, it starts to make me nauseous all this keratin, but now you better understand that we are taken for pigeons at L’Oréal Paris by laying us words invented from scratch by the marketing department for selling products rich in “horn” (well yes keratin in Greek that means horn).
So basically, avoid L’Oréal, Garnier, Red Ken, Keratoses (yes even if your hairdresser tells you it’s excellent it’s stuffed with silicone, but we’ll come back!), Fructis’s, Dressage, Ultra soft.

(2) Silicone

Right from an ecological point of view, silicone is very bad because it is not biodegradable at all! Silicone is a polymer obtained by chemical synthesis of silicon (sand). (Its manufacture is therefore far from natural, although starting from the sand) However, what interests us is to understand why silicone is known to leave hair as “soft” and “silky”? (Attention to the eyes is only in appearance).

The silicone particles are deposited on the damaged hair and encapsulate a sheath (a “plastic film” what) that will seal the cracks, smooth its cuticle and thus restore a healthy appearance and a soft touch while helping with styling and combing (the fibers are no longer bristling). In the same way as the natural hydrolipidic film, it will also act, like a shield, as a protector of the fiber by limiting the mechanical aggressions (brush, comb, bad weather) or thermal (hair dryer, plates) or even the water/moisture. Until then you tell me its great silicone! We often blame the silicone to smother the hair (well we know that it does not make sense how we can smother the hair when it is already dead.). However, the real problem is that your shampoo you put not only on your length but also root, so precisely where there is a living matter, the silicone then hinders the growth of hair and causes dandruff and fat roots by clogging the pores. Moreover, we do not want it because having Rapunzel’s hair we dream so much Quasimodo’s hair is not too our fantasy!

Another real risk is in the accumulation of these silicones on the hair over applications, which ends up weighing it down, softening it and making it dull. It can even “foul,” making it even more fragile, then enters a vicious circle of silicones that camouflage. Nevertheless, this chemical component has no affinity with the natural lipids and keratin of our hair so no qualitative action on its natural moisture. Besides, its occlusive shape could also prevent specific active agents from penetrating deeply to the cortex (especially during masks). So basically, we can do all the best care in the world its useless silicone ruins all our work!

How to spot silicone in shampoos to better avoid it?

Well yes, the industrial scrambles the tracks, and it is not written “contains silicone” on the bottle! So, we must know the suffixes that mean silicone attention. It will, therefore, be all the components that end up “thicone,” “thiconol,” “siloxane” or “silane.” most common examples: dimethylpolysiloxane, dimethicone, dimethiconol, phenyldimethylpolysioxane, phenyldimethicone, Cyclomethicone, aminopolysiloxane or amodimethicone.

Below Are Few Natural Tips That Works Best for Long and Healthy Hair Growth.

There are lots of small natural methods to use every day to have beautiful hair that grows faster—

• it will stimulate your scalp and promote growth, and then between us, it is a relaxing time to do or be done, not negligible on the morale.
• Make a yeast cure of beer: Perfect for nails and hair taking a treatment (1 tablet a day for three months) is a practical tip to speed up hair growth. However, if you have strong hairs do not take especially on pain of resembling a Yeti! The disadvantage of yeast is that it is ingested orally and therefore favors all idea hair textures.

• Apply castor oil: Castor oil is well known for promoting hair growth, and unlike brewer’s yeast it is of local application. You can, therefore, cast castor oil regularly 1 to 2 times a week without fear of an emergency at the beautician. It can also grow eyelashes if you apply them.

• Mustard oil: Here is oil that we hear less about but that is a remarkable work on our scalp! Like her friend castor oil, mustard oil stimulates growth and limits hair loss. Applied on the scalp, it has slightly warming effects that encourage, tones, and contributes to the excellent health of the scalp. Its wealth of Erucic acid allows it to sheathe and protect the lengths. Again, it is recommended to apply it in synergy with coconut oil to soften the whole.

• Apply the extraordinary Indian powers (Brahmi and ShiKai powders): The Brahmi hair powders, and it is the secret beauty that one bites without hesitation! Regarding hair loss in women, we put on the Ayurvedic powder Brahmi, which tones, thickens and promotes growth while soothing the scalp. Other powder, ShiKai, same principle, same effect (or almost). Not only Shikai powder fosters growth, but it also cleans the scalp! Used as a mask (form a paste by pouring hot water little by little into the dust). Even better: to boost the care mix with Rasool powder.

• Rinse this hair with vinegar: I agree the smell is not terrible, but the effects are magical, the vinegar naturally tightens the scales of the nose. It is also a powerful detangle, and it naturally revives the color of our hair. In other words, too much virtue to deprive oneself of it! The homemade treasure is to take a bottle in which you put a quarter glass of vinegar and the rest of water. You can keep your mixture for one month.

• Oil baths to leave all night: Know that the oils are to apply on the lengths and especially not in root. There you can freely choose the ones you prefer concerning smell — Argan oil used in winters and coconut oil in summers.

• Use least what heats your hair: Banish the hair dry, straightener, curling iron and instead turn to natural alternatives. Between us in passing the weather outside, I’m not sure that smoothing his hair is a great idea. In short, for smoothing there are definitive natural methods such as smoothing with keratin (provided you pay attention to the components!) But also, for example, a little-known method Kadoun. To buckle, use the good old hair curlers.
• A diet rich in vitamin: It is essential to eat fruits and vegetables because a vitamin-rich food will fill in your hair that will appear denser and healthier like your general condition of the rest.

• Drink green tea to prevent hair loss: Green tea fills iron deficiencies. Also, iron deficiency is often the cause of hair loss. All is said! So, when an icon is missing (check with your doctor through an analysis), drink 3 cups of green tea a day for three good weeks! Fans of Japanese food feel free to opt for Matcha or Bancha, the green teas of the Empire of the Rising Sun, even more, vibrant in iron!

• A Bamboo Brush: The antistatic properties of wood make it an ideal material for brushing our hair. Also, thanks to its wooden pins, this brush ensures a light massage of the scalp, which balances the production of sebum.

Below Are Few Odd Tips That Doesn’t Work for Hair Growth

There are few popular beliefs, which people are following, doesn’t work for hair growth shampoo—
• The hair grows by the root, and the moon has nothing to do with their growth. It is not your hair on a full moon night to have long hair in no time.

• Hair grows faster when cutting regularly: You too have heard hundreds of times your mother repeat- “cut your hair, they will grow the hair grows by the root and not by the tip. Cutting them helps prevent forks and keeps hair healthy; it does not speed up growth.

• Soaking the nose to the tips helps to push the hair growth: It is a false impression. When the hair is braided, they undergo less aggression; no hand in the nose, no brush strokes, no knots. So, the hair stays in place and does not break. So, when we remove the mats, we have the impression that the hair has grown faster.

• One hundred brush strokes a day help hair to increase: This advice is wrong too! Brushing the hair 100 times a day does not accelerate hair growth. On the contrary, too much brushing makes hair brittle and electric.

• Shampoos that boost growth it works: Shampoos supposed to stimulate hair growth, but unfortunately, they are ineffective. They completely dry the scalp and make your hair damaged. If you are looking for a shampoo to promote the growth of your hair, prefer a mild shampoo that will not attack, or a fall protection shampoo to use without excess.

Below are few Facts Related to the Hair Growth

It is always beneficial to have some factual knowledge related to hair growth, who know which information you can use for your good—

• Seasons affect hair growth: It is true that seasons make their impact on hair growth. Faster growth in summers, fall in autumn, and healthy growth in winters is now scientifically proven. It is advised to have a haircut in early springs.

• Some hairstyles allow the hair to grow faster: Yes, it’s true! There are so-called protective hairstyles that prevent the hair from breaking. The length of the hair does not stagnate because of this breakage, and the hair lengthens more quickly. Thus, by making a bun or braids, wearing a scarf or wig, your hair will be protected from aggression.

• Doing the pear tree stimulates hair growth: This old conception is genuine. When you do the pear, it causes blood to flow in the head that spreads in the roots. This blood stimulation causes a more vigorous shoot, but the pear is not the most comfortable solution…!

We hope this article has given enough insight around hair growth and you can use all the above crucially important information for your good. Such vital information for your health hairs.

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