Kim Kardashian’s Hair Loss

Kim Kardashian’s hair loss and how we can help her with it. Hair loss was a topic once reserved for only men, but these days it is obvious that it does not only affect men. Kim Kardashian’s hair has again showing hair loss due to her use of hair extensions during her pregnancy. The 35-year-old is usually seen with a shinny thick head of hair using extensions. However she was seen with her hair up tightly after her workout showing her hair loss spots.


Kim appears to have actually created issue by trying to hide her hair loss by using weaves, which have actually caused her more problems. Like most women her hair loss might have begun after her first pregnancy. Postpartum Alopecia takes place in women 2 to four months after giving birth.


Use of hair extensions during pregnancy can increase hair loss due to increase normally changes. During this time, it is best to use an organic hair product to allow the pores to breathe and to give the hair follicles with the right nutrients, vitamins and mineral. This will keep the moisture in and prevent hair loss during this time.


Instead of treating the hair loss prior to having her child, Kim chose to use weaves to cover up her problem. It is absolutely vital to keep up a healthy scalp during pregnancy to prevent problems like Kim’s. Most women will suffer from hair loss for about 6 months after their pregnancy without the proper hair care.dueastcondos To cut the amount of hair fall after pregnancy, it is recommended to give your hair with the proper vitamins and nutrients.


Kim mentions that she limits herself to shampooing once about 3 to 4 time a week to prevent her hair from losing moisture. There are natural shampoos that can actually give the hair follicles and hair shaft with moisture while still cleaning the hair. These natural and organic hair products can actually heal the scalp and hair from damages.


Excessive tension to the hair shaft and use of chemical hair products will make things worst for anyone’s hair. Kim also mentions she tries to use hair masks to help keep her hair moisturizer. Using a natural hair treatment will help to keep up healthy hair and to give the hair with necessary moisture that will stay locked in.

We have a proposal for Kim Kardashian, we have a product that can help stop hair loss and regrow hair. If Kim is not happy about the results, we can offer $10,000 to her favorite charity. Ancient Secrets has been in business since 2003 and has worked with many customers including Dr. Fulton who is a famous dermatologist for co-finding Retin-A. We know that we can help with Kim Kardashian’s hair loss.

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