Male Pattern Baldness – Causes, Signs, and Treatment


Male pattern baldness is related to hormones called androgen. It connects to receptor cells on the scalp and hair roots, connecting and disrupting with the regular mechanics included with continuous, healthy hair development. In addition, other elements such as a way of life aspects and terminal disease might trigger hair loss.


The most noteworthy sign of the start of male pattern baldness is hair loss along the hairline that slowly declines into an “M” shape. The hair at the crown starts to thin, ultimately satisfying the declining hairline and producing a horseshoe pattern of hair around the sides of the head.


Medicinal and chemical treatments are far too available today. Both are effective at slowing hair loss rather than displaying brand-new hair development. No medical or chemical treatment is a long-term option for male pattern baldness. In addition, needless to state that hair transplant that are provided by many companies today is certainly not the solution.

Many companies have actually carried out thousands of such treatments, making it seem like the most reliable resources for victims of male pattern baldness. More details about these chemical treatments is readily available all over the internet. It speaks with those who are having problem with any sort of loss of hair and want to find out more about hair remediation.

A Natural Solution

Today, we have access to thousands of products and ways to treat the problem. But what is the best solution to the problem and is it long-term? At Ancient Secrets, Inc. we have hand made the solution to male pattern baldness. The pure ingredients of this product will not only grow your hair back, but it will maintain it that way.

Most noteworthy is that our natural ingredients can help both men and women. Therefore, with nothing but organic ingredients, there is no side affects that come along with this solution. We are confident that we can help anyone suffering from male pattern baldness. In addition, for some reason it does not work for you, we will offer you to refund all of your money.

Finally, see what our products can do for you!



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