An infographic on Natural Hair Products Vs. Chemical Hair Products


Ancient Secrets is happy to announce their infographic talking about the benefits of natural hair products as opposed to chemical hair products. They talk about how synthetic products contain harsh toxic chemicals and how they can affect the overall well being of ones health. This is in sharp contrast to the natural hair products that contain ingredients found in nature with nutrients that the hair needs for perfect growth. The infographic talks about natural hair growth products and how to achieve healthy hair start hair regrowth and how to avoid thinning hair, dry hair and damaged hair. Get ready to learn about what is causing damaged hair and how to regrow hair now.


The infographic is so detailed and it explains that, apart from damaged hair, the chemical products that you have been using for so long can also be harmful for your health. These synthetic products can also damage the scalp and clog the pores to make the scalp dry hence promote the appearance of dandruff. On the other hand, natural hair growth products go beneath the scalp to breakdown and penetrate the cement wall layer that prevents new hair growth from occurring. The products also cleanse and rejuvenate dry hair, damaged hair and chemically processed hair. The natural and botanical extracts restore moisture, body and shine to the hair.


Further to that, the infographic states that the chemical products leave behind residues that build up to detrimental levels. Most of these products are detergent-based and they therefore remove nutrients the hair follicles need to grow. Healthy hair starts at the root, this has to be done by provide hair vitamin to the scalp. If the scalp is dried out from the chemical products, then the hair follicles have no chance for hair regrowth. There are so many hair regrowth products on the market today that claim to grow hair but many of them do more harm than good.


Men and women from all walks of life can benefit from this infographic since we all would like healthy hair. With natural hair growth products men and women no longer have to waste their time making regular calls to set appointments or driving down to the clinic. You can do it yourself with a hair loss shampoo and a natural leave-in conditioner. Hair loss shampoo is not just for people who have hair problems; it is also great for hair loss prevention. They have natural ingredients such as amino acids and fatty acids to fight prevent hair problems like thinning hair, male pattern baldness and provide hair vitamins to the scalp.


The infographic explains that opting for natural hair growth products is the safest option available today for healthier hair. Also the added advantage is that this method has no known side effects as it only utilizes natural ingredients. Everyone can be sure that they are getting the best and most effective treatment to re-grow hair and achieve the desired hair texture. Natural hair products have the best growth vitamins without the added testosterone, HGH, chemical stimulants, alcohol, and other hormonal treatments. The whole treatment offers complete scalp and hair nourishment, cleansing and lengthening. Furthermore, using natural products means there will no longer be a need for plugs, grafting, or transplants.


If you’re simply looking for a shampoo and conditioner that will fix your damaged hair, then look no further. If you want healthier hair or looking to regrow hair without having to take hair growth supplements then you must opt for a natural hair product. They not only will help your hair to grow but they will provide better blood circulation on your scalp. Blood circulation and a well-balanced diet are very important when it comes to natural hair care. We can’t forget about the premium ingredients in natural hair products and that they are natural DHT blockers. The infographic will teach you everything you need to know for natural hair care and what you should keep out of your hair.


About Ancient Secrets:

Ancient Secrets Inc. is a small business dealing in natural hair growth products. They have been providing natural hair growth solutions since 2003. Ancient Secrets have proudly influenced natural hair growth products over the last 15 years. They serve the most unique, all natural hair restoration products. Ancient Secrets Inc. was founded by Tseghe M. Foote, she was born and raised in Ethiopia and has been living in Denver, Colorado for more than 30 years. She studied hair from many secret societies to find the solution for hair loss. This is what led her to the development of her company, Ancient Secrets Inc. through which she shares her discovery with others to help them prevent and stop hair problems. Tseghe developed a product called “Seven Plant Extracts” or “7PE” which is great for re-growing lost hair. 7PE is has complete balance nutrition for everyday healthy hair.


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