Hair growth

Hair growth products 7PE (Seven Plant Extracts), the hair growth product. The 7PE premium blend has been designed to nourish and revitalize hair by stimulating the scalp and promoting new hair growth. Best of all, it works naturally and uses only pure plant-derived extracts.

Hair growth facts

Hair grows up to half an inch per month, depending on one’s overall well-being.  Customers have stated that they have seen twice and three times the growth. 7Pe hair growth is incredibly different than traditional chemical-based products on the market and has the best natural oils. The best thing you can do for your hair is to switch over to our hair growth products. If you are looking for a product that has natural fatty acids and amino acids, you have come to the right place. Natural fatty acids and amino acids are essential for healthy-looking hair. These acids are not only good for your hair but great for your health.

How to make hair grow faster

Hair grows slowly, so the big question is, how do you make your hair grow faster? The answer is simple: Give your hair the correct nutrients and care that it needs and craves. We are so confident in our formula that we guarantee you will love our natural hair growth products. These natural oils are also potent anti-inflammatory agents and improve blood circulation within the scalp to speed up the hair growing process.